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Subject: [TowerTalk] EMT Electrical Conduit for 40m verticals...
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 17:08:51 -0500
On 11/3/99 9:32, Gerry Hull at wrote:

>I have searched the archives and found nothing that really answers my
>I am building a 4-square for 40 and was looking around for cheap building
>Home Depot has 2-1/4' 10-foot sections of EMT electrical conduit for only
>Looks like a bargain, but wondering if anyone has used this stuff to build a

There are two types of EMT. One is rather thin-walled and is designed to 
bend smoothly. The other is called EMT Rigid conduit. It has most of the 
structural strength of Schedule 40 water pipe. (The fittings fit as well)

Neither type of EMT is a structural material. Nor is Schedule 40 water 

>Should I use the
>standard coupling
>and use non-tapered lengths?

EMT couplers are not structural.

>I was planning on 33-ft verticals guyed at every 10 feet with rope.

I recommend you find a better mast material, and perhaps a better guy 
material as well.

That said, I have my R7000 mounted on a 10' piece of Rigid EMT. It's 
probably strong enough in that service. I wouldn't trust two sections 
spliced together.

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