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Subject: [TowerTalk] KLM
From: (bob alexander)
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 06:00:00 -0600
Jim K0KM wrote:
> Needing to get in touch with KLM for parts for my antenna, tryed all last
> week to reach them via their phone number, fax number and their e-mail
> address, with no answers! Have they closed down, moved, on vacation? Could
> anyone help me with this?
> thank you & 73
> Jim
> K0KM

According to information I received last week from our local Ham store,
KLM is out of business for all except spare parts.   When the existing
spare parts are gone so is KLM. 

 You might give Texas Towers a call or e-mail them and ask if they have
a current phone number or e-mail for KLM.

73, Bob, W5AH

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