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[TowerTalk] New erection

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New erection
From: (Jonathan Kaplan)
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 11:25:58 -0800
All this talk about erections and vibrators certainly made me sit up and
take notice!

Seriously though, the comment about the vibrators is correct. I was told
the same thing when I poured my base ( 30" cassion 17ft deep.) last
spring.  Use the vibrator too much and the gravel begins to sink to the 
bottom. That makes the concrete  weaker.  Also I found the pumper 
method very quick and effective. We pumped ten tons of concrete 110ft
down the driveway from the street to the hole in ten minutes.


Jonathan KO6XS

At 10:30 AM 11/08/1999 -0700, Gary McDuffie, Sr. wrote:
>I'd like to hear comment on something the concrete people told me when I
>put in my base.  I think it might be important for those who haven't
>done it before.
>I was told that the use of the vibrator is a good idea, but that
>over-using it can cause problems with the concrete.  If you vibrate it
>beyond what it takes to get it to fill in the gaps, it begins to
>separate the components of the concrete.  I noticed some of that when I
>was playing with it in my pour.  Keep use of the vibrator to just what
>it takes.  Don't over-do it.
>What my dad wouldn't have given for a concrete vibrator in his day!  If
>you haven't seen one work, they truly are magic!
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