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Subject: [Re: [TowerTalk] T2X Brake circuit mod]
From: (Joe Duerbusch)
Date: 8 Nov 99 17:04:44 CST
"Gary McDuffie, Sr." <> wrote:

On Mon, 08 Nov 1999 13:01:12 EST, Barry N1EU wrote:

> Would appreciate info on the mod to the T2X control box to add brake delay. 

Barry, there is something that you might want to look at.  In February 1996
QST there is an article called "Build the Rotator Pal".  This circuit will
allow you to rotate a knob that replaces the calibrate knob and will move the
rotor to anywhere without having to hold down anything.  The break delay is
also built in.

FAR circuits sells the board.  Cost of parts is about $25.00.  

No I don't have it working yet.  I have just about finished stuffing the board
and hope to have it going in a few weeks.

one note, there has been two (2) updates to the article, one fixed an error
(May QST 1996 feedback) and another text file from the author with some

Hope this helps a bit.

Joe K0BX

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