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[TowerTalk] 6M-triband spacing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 6M-triband spacing
From: baycock@HIWAAY.NET (Bill Aycock)
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 20:08:50 -0600
Opinions wanted

I have an ATB34 tribander at about 50 ft, mounted on a 2" mast just above
the tower. There is about 3-4 ft of additional 2"mast above there, and a
reduced size mast for another 2 ft.  I plan to put a 3el Yagi for 6M on the
smaller mast section, above the tribander.

If I just leave the tribander where it is, and put the 6m on the upper
mast- the range of spacing is about 3.5 to 6 ft.. I can reduce this by
elevating the tribander, or increase it a little by lowering the tribander. 

The obvious questions are: 1. what spacing will probably be best.?, 2. is
there a spacing I sould avoid?, and 3. should I leave the booms lined up or
put them at 90 deg?

The ATB34 is an earlier incarnation of the CushCraft 4el Tribander. It
appears that all the changes were to make it cheaper to build- like leaving
off the Balun) But this old one  works quite well.

Thanks for any comments- Bill- W4BSG

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