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[TowerTalk] Using Split Beads

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Using Split Beads
From: (Bill Heinzinger)
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 08:54:18 -0600
I see the material is listed as '43'.
But where do you buy them, who's the vendor please?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Using Split Beads

> > I ordered some material 43 split beads to place on rg8 coax.  It
> > to me that the coax had an outside diameter of 3/8 of an inch, so that
> > was the size of split bead I ordered.  Now that I have the beads, the
> > inside "hole" of the split beams is a bit small for the outside diameter
> > the coax.
> >
> > So, my question is, is it essential that both halves of the split bead
> > actually touch each other, to fully encirle the coax, to work optimilly,
> > or will they still be effective, even if there is a small gap between
> > two halves of the split bead?
> >
> > Any comments would be appreciated.
> >
> > Herb - KG6OK
> >
> I had that problem once, Herb.
> I carefully removed enough outer jacket from the end of the
> coax to accommodate the beads plus one foot. I slipped the beads on,
> and then slid the outer jacket back on until the beads were jammed up
> nice and tight. I then cut the end of the outer jacket off even with the
> end of the coax. A heat gun helps if the jacket is tight. Then I put
> two layers of shrink tubing over the whole area. If you are putting this
> on a tower, or in a remote spot, you can cover the area with a PVC
> pipe and end caps with Romex clamps  to protect and remove the
> strain.
> GL!
> Phil, K5PC
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