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[TowerTalk] Stainless Bolts and Nuts on Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stainless Bolts and Nuts on Tower
From: (Tom Wagner)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 08:37:39 -0500
In a properly guyed Rohn 25/45 tower, I would expect
both bolts and compression to provide *none* of the 
strength.  I would expect that all the legs should be in
compression all the time.  The bottom end 
of each section should be resting on the top of the 
section below.  If your guys are so loose that they 
would allow a leg to "hop off" without any bolts then 
quibbling about what kind of bolts to use 
is the least of your problems.

This does not apply to unguyed sections, where the 
bolts would be important, as they are during erection
and disassembly.  

You want your tower to be as strong as possible?
It's simple, understack and overguy.  I.e.  don't 
exceed 50% of the maximum design height of 
the tower and use more & larger guy sets than Rohn
specifies.   The reason to not exceed 50%, is that
you never get close to the allowable maximum downward
force on a leg.  That safety margin can be used
to allow more/larger guying, which significantly
strengthens the tower.   

Tom - N1MM
(not a PE)
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>On Wed, 10 Nov 1999 03:49:06 +0000 Ron Youvan <> writes:
>> Hi:<< For our tower applications, we're looking at resistance to 
>> shearing on
>> the bolts. The need to achieve perfect torque values is not so
>> necessary for this sort of application. >>
>>   I was taught the way the Rohn towers and the like, (sleeved leg)
>> work is: The bolts don't support the weight of the tower, the 
>> bolt/nuts squeeze the sleeve onto the top of the leg of the section 
>>below it.
> HUH?  Have you looked at the leg joints?  Do you really
> believe that the PRESSURE of the connection against
> the inner leg is what supports the tower and NOT the
> bolt itlself?   This makes no sense to me.  N4KG
>>   Was I taught wrong?      YES  (N4KG)
>> BTW Rohn sells bolt/washer/nut (I hope with PAL nuts) sets for each 
>> size of
>> tower they make, about $3.10 (as I remember) for one section 6 of 
>> each)
>>   73 (= Best Regards) de: Ron
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