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[TowerTalk] Base post in water

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Base post in water
From: (John - G3XRJ -)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 16:08:18 -0000
Does anybody have any experience of the following scenario please.

I am about to plant a 6.5ft deep base post for a self supporting 60ft crank
The post is 6 inches square with a one foot sqare foot plate.
The manufacturers instructions state a hole at least a foot square
to be refilled around the post and only concrete for the top two feet.

The site is very close to my domestic land drains and soakaway.
As feared I've struck water at about 3.5ft down and I guess this water
too far out for me to avoid it.

I now propose to finish the dig with a JCB - ( Mechanical shovel).

Given that the hole will now be at least 4ft long and 2ft wide,
to get down to 6.5ft.
My intention is to re-fill with concrete all the way. Is this sound
Will the concrete around the post displace the water sufficiently to prevent
long term rust damage or should I not be concerned, given that the post
is galvanised.
Should I protect the galvanising with some gooey substance ?

73's         John  G3XRJ

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