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Subject: [TowerTalk] Open Wire
From: (Carl Smidt)
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:41:44 -0400
The apparently overlooked point is that if you have to settle for a
multi-band (compromise) antenna, with full band coverage on each band, an
open-wire feedline is mandatory unless you want to loose most of your power
in the feedline. Coax won't do. Has nothing to do with the 'good old days'
vs today.
73, Carl  VE9OV

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Open Wire

I got on the air in '58. Open wire, for the most part, had already come
and gone even then. I have always used a good coax cable. I too had a
Johnson KW Matchbox, worked great with coax . I cant even imagine trying
to use those old W.W.II rf ammeters, nor do I care what the readings
are. I never really wanted to
string this stuff above my yard and bring it down to my home where I
would have to cut holes in a perfectly good house or window. Compared to
those who do use the open wire, my coax may not be quite as efficient,
but I am glad to make the
tradeoff. I try to make my antennas resonant in the area where I operate
to begin with, so I only need a tuner on parts of 80 and 160m. My
current tuner, the Nye MBVA is very poor on 160m. It's all in what one
wants to do, if open wire makes a person feel better, then that's what
they should do. Personally, I seem to envision BC610's and plug-in
coils, and can almost hear the Andrews Sisters singing in the
background, when someone mentions "open wire feeders". This is not meant
as a personal attack on anyone by the way, just my opinion.
73, Tom W0HH

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