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[TowerTalk] Getting Open Wire Feeds Into the House (Shack)?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Getting Open Wire Feeds Into the House (Shack)?
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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 14:57:27 EST
In a message dated 15.11.99 11:54:42 Pacific Standard Time, K7GCO writes:

<< Dave
   You are right. Open wire line with ice or snow on it against a blue sky is 
absolutely beautiful.
    The 4 to 1 balun at the end of the open wire line and then coax into the 
shack seldom works well.  Unless the Z is close to 200 ohms there and seldom 
is, high SWR can result and is a bad design.  The Z along a 450 ohm line can 
vary from 50 to several thousands ohms and is not a good match to a 200 ohm 
balun--as recommended by ARRL and others who never try it.  RG 8 coax needs 
about a 1/2" diameter hole to get into the house.  Insulated open wire line 
takes 2-1/4" holes.  What's the difference and the easiest to repair and 
      I adjust the tuner with a MFJ analyzer in the transceiver receive 
circuit and a coax switch.  This way I don't have to put a signal on the air 
to check or tune the tuner.  I record the tuner settings.
      Long live Open Wire Line and Tuners.
 k7gco >>

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