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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grid dipping coax
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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 15:50:25 EST
In a message dated 16.11.99 08:52:03 Pacific Standard Time, K7GCO writes:
     For those who need some help on grid dipping open wire or coax line here 
is a short course.

<< Short out both ends, tie one end to a wooden object with string, pull it 
tight 4-5' off the ground and GD the other end where it's half wave, a full 
wave on and on.  Listen for the dip frequency in a receiver and record it.  
Or tie the unshorted end to a wooden support and GD it at the shorted end at 
it's 1/4 WL frequency and all odd 1/4 WL frequencies.  Use  1/2WL in ft'  = 
492 xVF/Mhz. You can calculate the VF also.  VF=ft x MHz/492.  Use the least 
perceptible dip--loose coupling and measure the frequency.  You can lay coax 
on the ground or coil it.
   I had an article in CQ 30 years ago on how to grid dip coax.  Things are 
packed here so I don't have a copy handy.
 k7gco >>

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