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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [losses]
From: gdaught6@leland.Stanford.EDU (George T. Daughters)
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 14:42:20 +0008

Hi again,

K7GCO wrote...

>      If you have RG8 with only 15% or .7 dB measured loss that is lower than 
> even what the mfg. rate for polyfoam at 30 Mhz for 100' which is typically .9 
> dB--regular RG-8 is 1 dB/100'. 

I never said it was 100 feet.  It was more like 80 or 85 feet, and 
it was at 29MHz.

>  Cherish that coax.  

I do.  I got several pieces of it free, from a good ham friend.

> It might be a calibration error in the Bird.

Sure, but my point was not really laboratory loss measurement 
techniques and error analysis.  It was simply that a 15% power loss 
can be expected from (an 85 foot length) of GOOD, NEW, coax.


George T. Daughters, K6GT

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