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[TowerTalk] Open line & ect.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Open line & ect.
From: (Jack Goforth)
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 19:00:30 -0400
David C  K1YP wrote:

>You folks are all making me nervous.  Anyone have solid
>knowledge of the Dentron MT-3000A?  I am interested to
>know how it stands up under full power when tuning into a
>450 commercial line fed 160 or 80m dipole for multiband

Yes, I can give you my experience with open 450 ohm line 
and a Dentron tuner.

I am presently using a MT-3000A with a Radio Works Remote
Balun to an 80 meter delta loop. I use this set up for 80,
40 & 30 mtrs. From time to time I use my Alpha 89 with it
especially on 80 mtrs...In fact I used this set up to work
"high power" (aprox 750 wts out in a couple RTTY contest.

Before installing the remote balun, I ran the open line into 
the shack. This resulted with "RF" getting into my computer.

Using coax to the balun just outside the shack, (aprox 6 feet)
eliminated this problem.. The flexability the open line brings
to me makes it very much "worth it." 

This set up has worked very satisfactory for three years. I feel
confident I can work anything I can hear on the low bands. However, 
I also use four beverage antennas for receive.

Jack  K4IBP

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