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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crimp connectors, crimp tools, saving time to make excellentconnections
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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 11:59:17 EST
Hi Bob, 
We do a lot in commercial RF connectors.  Crimps are used in many industries 
at HF to 900 MHz in commercial applications due to the much reduced labor 
time.  Using the right tool, and a quality crimp connector at these freq's, 
the electrical result is excellent.  In any case, we recommend soldering the 
ctr. conductor at the tip, a procedure that tested to provide max efficiency 
with crimps and it doesn't take long.  Only some crimps are OK at 1 Ghz and 
above.   Each type connector (UHF, N, SMA, SMB, etc. has its applicable freq. 
range (more below on this ref UHF's)

    A quality connector, crimp or clamp, properly installed with have a max. 
insertion loss of .200 dB AT ITS MAX USEABLE FREQ., i.e. a quality VHF PL259 
is good to 300 MHz (the ones we sell:  Amphenol and RFI, others are good to 
200 MHz)., at which point the max insertion loss is .200 dB.   The loss/freq 
is rather linear so you can derive that at HF the insertion loss is much  

   We sell a commercial crimp tool that is very well made and it is the 
lowest cost I could find for a quality tool.  It has a ratchet release in 
case you are on the wrong part of the connector or the die is not correct for 
the connector. the release also facilitates the proper pressure to the proper 
die and cable. 

  You can usually cover several or more cables with one die as the die casing 
in the tool has two to four die.   If you want to do more than a "typical die 
set" covers, you need to buy more dies.  You simply use one die "hole" for 
the body of the connector and another "hole" for the center pin.  Then you 
solder the center pin to be sure of proper efficiency.   The tool itself is 
precisision manufactured of high-carbon, heat treated,sstamped steel.  Note:  
The different die that you need to handle various "groups" of cables (RG8, 
213, 214, 9913 is one group which is covered by one die) are removable from 
the tool.  So , you can interchange dies by removing 2 phillips had screws.   
One tool and die that we often sell to hams handles RG8, 213, 214 and 9913.  
Another die handles RG58, 59, 142 and 8X plus some video cables.
The tool is $ 36 and most dies are $20.   So, a toll and the two dies noted 
above is $ 76 or you can get same with a case for the tool and 6 slots for 
dies for $ 84.95. You can buy one tool and one cdie for 36 + 20 = $ 56.  We 
have a full satisfactioin 2 week or full refund less ship cost guaranty and a 
mfr warranty.   You can buy a tool box that accomodates two (2) tools and 7 
dies at a small savings vs. buying each individually.

   If you have a lot to do, or if you hate puttiing on connectors and paying 
$ 3- $4 for connector installation; or if you use 8X or RG11 foamed for 
phasing cables and hate dealing with soldering bodies to foam dielectrics, 
this is an excellent way to go.  Again,  our crimp connectors are engineered 
to perform just as well electrically vs. clamp/solder types.   

Hope this sheds some light on crimp vs. clamp and also solves the problem 
that we hear from many hams as to finding a good/economical crimp tool.   
Obviously there are preferences out there, well respected, to do solder only. 
 However, some of my highly qualified ham friends who used to swear solder 
only types, are now into crimps with the above tool.   Maybe part of that 
"transition" goes with "getting older", ,  HI.   Time is money....or 
relaxtion, less stress, more operating time.  Cheers,  Steve K1PEK   DAVIS RF 
DAVIS RF Co., commercial wire and cable, custom cable design.  Discounts to 
hams.  Heliax, LMR, RFS, Belden, BURY-FLEX Tm.  Various aerial wiring; 
transmission lines, insulators, baluns, RF connectors and Dacron rope. .  1-800-328-4773, (For all RF hardline related items, please 
ask for Steve Davis)   Thank you!
"The Triad":  Davis RF Co.; Orion Wire Corp.; and The Wire Man, Inc.:  
Variegated expertise; resources and buying power yielding numerous quality 
products at highly competitive pricing.

In a message dated 11/19/99 8:30:03 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< I was looking for crimp style pl-259 . Is there anything of this type 
 that are durable
 and will work at vhf frequencies . Thanks
                                  BOBJ    >>

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