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[TowerTalk] Crimping PL-259s, Installing PL-259 Connectors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crimping PL-259s, Installing PL-259 Connectors
From: (Steve Fraasch)
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 11:30:25 -0600
Re Crimp-ons:

Scott, you must admit that other people can have other experiences...

I've had numerous crimp-on connector failures on commercially installed
coax lines over the years used outdoors.  These have been on various
coax lines.  If you can't trust a commercial entity to install them
correctly, who can you trust ?  (I now install all of my own

The CATV industry has dumped crimped "F" connectors in favor of the
Augat line on RG-59 and RG-6.  These use a press-in retainer from the
backside.  These are not the metal connector "smash" types.

There's no way that I am going to install a trashy crimp-on connector on
an expensive line ($2/foot).

As far as failed SMB crimp-ons: I have a whole pile of these in our lab
downstairs that have failed.

You can have them.

Steve Fraasch, -2014

Scott Bullock wrote:
> Horsepucky!
> I've been using crimpon connectors both uhf, type n, tnc, bnc, sma, and
> mini-uhf almost exclusively with the exception of heliax connectors for
> 19 years-and they don't fail if they are put on right, and they don't
> work any less than solder on either. Case in point they work well even
> at 800-900 mhz frequencies.
> But there are ALOT of hacks in my business out there that couldn't put a
> crimp connector, much less a solder connector onto a piece of house wire
> :)
> 73,
> Scott
> N1CX
> >I would recommend against using a crimp connector on VHF/UHF lines.
> >Compressing the dielectric and shield to something other than nominal
> >will force a discontinuity or reflection on the line.  Solder-type
> >connectors are designed to maintain the coaxial line's characteristic
> >impedance as best as possible.
> >
> >Mech crimp connectors are notorious for failing early.
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