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[TowerTalk] 40M Yagi recommendations

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 40M Yagi recommendations
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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 11:21:33 EST
In a message dated 99-11-24 05:34:57 EST, writes:

> HUH? I have had a xm240 for over a year now, and can tell you that 1. it is
>  a much better built antenna, 2. It is a much BEEFIER antenna, 3. It works
>  the same if not better than a regular 402cd. Whoever said that must have
>  been mistaken. Crunchcraft gets kicked alot for their customer service etc,
>  but this antenna is a performer.

      What other antennas are on the mast? What spacing? Many XM240 users are 
experiencing swr degradation and destructive interaction with antennas like 
the TH11 and other tribanders even at 10 feet or more spacing. The 204CD 
didn't act like that. 

Cheers,  Steve   K7LXC

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