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[TowerTalk] Stack philosophy question - spray or beam?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stack philosophy question - spray or beam?
From: (George Fremin III)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 18:16:28 -0800 (PST)
Dan Levin writes:

> 2) Stack them at optimum spacing, but have the lower antenna always point
> stateside.  This results in about 10.6 dBi modeled gain.

Do this.

> I realize that this is one of those unanswerable questions of philosophy,
> but I'd be interested in input.  Remember that I am a 6 - so leaving one
> antenna at 70 degrees means it will always be pointed the right way for
> stateside contacts.

That is what you want to do.

I find this any easy question to answer - I think that having
antennas pointed in diffrent directions to the the best thing you 
can do -- in fact if I am not beaming in more than one direction
duirng most contest about 90% of the time I feel I am 
not doing the right thing.

In the 10m contest I had the following antennas.

1.  A stack of four 5 ele monobanders 140/100/60/30 feet.
    The top one rotates and the bottom three are fixed on Europe
    Europe is also the smae direction as the NE USA. 
    The switching is such that I can run 140' or 100' or the
    60'/30' pair as choices - andy any mix of them.

2.  A TH-7 at 60' - rotates.  Mostly fixed to the SE.

3.  A TH-7 at  70' - rotates.  Mostly pointed to the SW or NW.

I hooked these thre antennas up to a stackmatch switch.

Most of the contest I had RF going to ALL the antennas.

I would rotate the 140' antenna as needed depending on the 
time of day etc.


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