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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 01:54:12 EST
   At my new SD location it has buried power lines for over a mile out in the 
country much to my surprise.  I had heard that buried lines can get noisy.  
So I called the power company there about this and they said "if an insulator 
get noisy it tends to self distruct and they fix it right away."  He inferred 
that it would be a short time problem--much to my relief.  The line is buried 
right along the main road so I can check the buried line for noise with the 
mobile every time driving to town.
    I plan some balloon 1/2 WL verticals for 160, and 2 & 3 1/2 WL's in phase 
on 80 & 40 and 1000' kite antennas.  The average height will be fairly high 
and the angle will be fairly low with good gain.  I want a way to tip the 
kite to control the wire angle from the ground.  The main lobe off the wire 
will vary with frequency.  In fact I will put that into Eznec and see what it 
looks like.  A 4 Square 1/2 WL verticals on 160M should be a dandy.  1/2 
waves don't need extensive ground systems.  SD also has some of the highest 
conductivity ground in the US.

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