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[TowerTalk] Power Line Noise?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Power Line Noise?
From: (Bill Wall)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 02:29:20 -0500
Hi Gary,

I have three 280K high power lines on the south side of my property. I have no
line noise from these on any HF bands. I run Quads. I talked to the Georgia
power field engineer about the no noise. He told me my lines were fairly new
and had the improved insulators. He also said if I had the older ones I would
be very unhappy.
I suggest if you can find a Ham with a mobile HF rig in it , to drive under the
lines and test this way. You should experience some noise under the lines, but
on either side about 150' away it should be quiet. My antennas are about 400'
from the lines.
Ga. power does not like it, but my C-Band satellite dish is under one of the
lines. If you test with the mobile station, try to place it where your towers
would go.

Good Luck,
                                                               Bill Wall
Antenna Mart

Gary Myers wrote:

> Gentleman, I have just placed an offer on a parcel of land... 2 A ready for
> some towers. I have one concern that I hope some of you can put to rest.
> There is a high tension line that is 500' west of my property. It is the
> major cross country type - I do not know somewhere in the 100's of Kv range
> I suppose. I assume this will not be a noise problem. Please tell me - from
> experience - this is the case (or not). I plan on stacking antennas from
> 50 - 140 feet - the ht line is at around 60' I suuppose and is in my S Pac
> direction from NC.
> thanks, Gary
> K9RX
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