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[TowerTalk] ZR3 vs. Attic Dipole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ZR3 vs. Attic Dipole
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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 14:19:04 EST

Before I would lay down my hard earned cash, for a ZR3, (dipole design) that 
essentially lays on the ground, I would seriously look at an attic dipole. It 
is real easy to poke a hole in the sheet rock for coax or ladder line.  The 
repair of the hole takes but a few minutes.

Over the years I have had many attic dipoles.  The most efficient was a Zepp 
with ladder line and a tuner. (Worked 163 countries/100W)  Another location 
prevented me from using a very long dipole in the attic sooooo, I used two 
Slinky's (toy,metal version) in a Zepp configuration, again fed with ladder 
line. The non-Slinky Zepp covered 10-40M whereas the Slinky Zepp covered 
10-80M.  I never tried a trap dipole but you may want to go that way if you 
don't like ladder line -- 

An attic dipole is a no-brainer!  Save your money for the Dayton Hamvention!


Val L. Erwin

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