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<<  I was under the impression commercials were not allowed.
       Au contraire. We're always interested in what the manufacturers and 
 dealers have to say. After all, EVERYTHING we talk about on TowerTalk is 
 purchased somewhere.  >>

In that case here is a commercial for Elliott Spitzer.  He is the attorney 
general in the state of New York.  Mr.  Spitzer is always interested in 
companies doing buisness in his state unfairly.  If you have had a problem 
with a company in NY, please drop him a note so that it can be corrected.  
That is the only way it can be stopped.  They take these things very 
seriously, but only if people notify them.  His address is...

Attorney General State of New York
Poughkeepsie Office
235 Main Street, 3rd Floor 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-3194
(914) 485-3900 

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