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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:14:29 -0500
I am not aware of any reason why someone has to post his or her call on this or
any  reflector, many do as a courtesy and because they like too see their call
letters flash by,  sort of a need for narcism.  On the other hand you will note
that many do not. The reflector is like any other site for dissemination of
information, you will agree that Part 97. of the rules governing amateur
communications do not encompass any segment of the news groups or assorted
reflectors. If a person desires anonymity and privacy is an issue than that is
their choice which is  guaranteed under the US constitution for them to do so.
What ever this persons reason for not posting a call sign should really be  NO
concern of yours or for that anyone else.


Stu Greene wrote:

> At 06:42 AM 11/30/99 EST, you wrote:
> >here is a commercial for Elliott Spitzer.  He is the attorney
> >general in the state of New York.  Mr.  Spitzer is always interested in
> >companies doing buisness in his state unfairly.  If you have had a problem
> >with a company in NY, please drop him a note so that it can be corrected.
> >That is the only way it can be stopped.  They take these things very
> >seriously, but only if people notify them.  His address is...
> >
> >Attorney General State of New York
> >Poughkeepsie Office
> >235 Main Street, 3rd Floor
> >Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-3194
> >(914) 485-3900
> >
> If you have a problem with a manufacturer or dealer, your credibility would
> be enhanced if you revealed your identity with an amateur radio call or a
> name.  It's quite likely that you have a reason for anonymity;  would you
> share that reason with the readers of TT?
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