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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 15:56:18 EST
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> I came across info on the PRO 67-C by Mosely which covers 10 thru 40
>  meters. I am pretty new to Towertalk and have not seen any comments on the
>  PRO 67-C by Mosely. Does anyone have any experience with this antenna?
>  Reliability? Performance? (maybe compared to a tribander for 10-20)
>  Durability? I like the band coverage but wonder if it compromises too much
>  on 10,15 and 20. Any thoughts from owners? Last Mosely I had was TA33jr,
>  too many years ago to think about!!!
      The REAL scoop on the Mosley is found in the pages of the K7LXC & N0AX 
tribander comparison report. We tested 3 Mosleys along with a couple of 
Hy-Gain antennas, the KT34XA, a couple of Force 12 antennas and some more. We 
tested them on-the-air and have published the results. It's over 60 pages of 
protocol, data sets and summaries. It's available from

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

PS - The Mosleys under-perform the competition. 

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