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[TowerTalk] Mosley Pro 67-C

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mosley Pro 67-C
From: (Jeff Singer)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 16:00:26 -0500
Hi Ken,

I had a Pro-57B before I had my XA. Had a smaller KT34A before that. My
experience was that SWR was not nearly as flat as the KLMs anywhere, and the
Mosley was no match for gain/reception compared to either. I never found the
Mosley folks to be very helpful, and their dot-matrix style
computer-generated instructions are probably the worst in the business.

True, it does cover a wide range of bands, though.

Before you throw out your KLM because of 'problems,' and go through the
hassle of building a big Mosley Pro from scratch, I'd take a very close look
at EVERY connection, particularly around the linear loading junctions, to
see if anything is loose, and if there is any whitish "dust" between the
connectors. There's an excellent chance you'll locate the problem if you
look for it. Although KLMs can be problematic, there is nothing exotic going
on that you can't actually see, or fix. It's just a bunch of aluminum
tubing, so there's not much in the way of parts that can't be had or made
from readily available aluminum tubing. It's not like having a dozen
enclosed occult traps, whose contents cannot even be seen without a huge
amount of work.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

73 de Jeff K2KV

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> Happy Holidays
> ,
> After many years of great success with the KT34XA, it is
> apparently time to
> move in another direction, although I love the antenna. I undestand KLM is
> gone and I am having problems with the XA and if parts are
> needed, tough luck.
> I came across info on the PRO 67-C by Mosely which covers 10 thru 40
> meters. I am pretty new to Towertalk and have not seen any comments on the
> PRO 67-C by Mosely. Does anyone have any experience with this antenna?
> Reliability? Performance? (maybe compared to a tribander for 10-20)
> Durability? I like the band coverage but wonder if it compromises too much
> on 10,15 and 20. Any thoughts from owners? Last Mosely I had was TA33jr,
> too many years ago to think about!!!
> Any thoughts appreciated.
> 73 Ken
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