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Subject: [TowerTalk] Leaning Tower
From: (Jonathan Kaplan)
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 22:02:36 -0800
Hi all,
        Last night we in L.A. had one of our Santa Ana winds. This
big blow was clocked (rumour has it) at 76mph. I don't think
it was that much because at that speed you can't stand up
and I could. Maybe it was 60mph as forecasted. Anyway, this
morning I saw that my 55' Tristao Tower with a M2 40mtr
dipole and TH7DX, was leaning. On closer inspection, it looks
like one of legs at the base is buckled slightly just above the
mounting bracket. The braces on each side of this leg are also
slightly buckled. The tower, extended 3/4 of the full length is
now leaning about 8" out of plumb. This has me puzzled and 
dismayed.  76mph and 15sqfeet of antenna are both within
specs. If I had suspected otherwise, the tower would have been
reeled in. How can one explain this and what can one do to
repair this? I'd rather repair than claim insurance and replace.
Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


Jonathan  KO6XS

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