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[TowerTalk] US Tower Motor Winch in Winter

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower Motor Winch in Winter
From: (Dick Flanagan)
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 10:41:45 -0800
Thanks very much, Tom.

I will wait to see if US Tower has any specific "synthetic gear oil"
recommendations.  If not, I will ask the reflector for some specific

73, Dick

At 2:34 AM -0800 on 12/4/99, you wrote:

>Oil company distributors have access to very low temp lubes. Machinery must
>get lube at -54 deg F temps in Minn and Wisconson and the Artic. I have used
>them but can;t remember the names. Ask around, they are not uncommon.
>shell,mobil for starters.
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>To: Steve Babcock <>; <>
>Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 6:57 PM
>Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower Motor Winch in Winter
>> At 03:42 PM 12/3/99 , Steve Babcock wrote:
>> >I have a US Tower 589MDPL....(the 89' version).
>> >Although I have had it for only two winters, I have had no trouble with
>> >cranking it up in VERY  COLD -30 deg C (almost-30F).  I keep
>> >the tower down all the time except when in use, so it has been up and down
>> >countless times in temperatures colder than you are describing.  I still
>> >have the "stock", factory delivered oil in the gear box, but my guess is
>> >you should consider a colder temp, lighter gauge oil?

Dick Flanagan W6OLD CFII Minden, Nevada DM09db (South of Reno)

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