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Subject: Fw: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: KT34 parts
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Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 22:59:42 -0500

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: KT34 parts
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Hi Again David, and Gang
  David, i think you stirred up some folks with your "call to arms", as
a solution to the  ham community, that is righteously indignant over
being so "callously" treated by KLM. Imagine the nerve of them folks,
cutting and running and all.

  I was one of those that felt that the jets should be called in to bomb
your qth, but i decided to wait and see if i felt ,later ,that it was
to comment. 

  Things sometimes appear differently when you get older and experience
and knowledge allow you to be able to fill in the blanks and some of the
"behind the scenes." 

  First, it is a modern generational characteristic to "sue." Not that
parents and/or grandparents generations didn't do it. Its just that it
become so commonplace, and over sometimes seemingly insignificant
issues and unworthy matters. You , of course, rushed to a "call for arms"
in that regard.

  I'm sure KLM didn't want to go out of business. I'd be willing to bet
money that KLM's creditors didn't want them to go out of business. And,
i'd be willing to bet that increasingly difficult circumstances, caused
to be unable to go out in such a manner that would please all parties,
i'll bet they didn't know the day and the hour that it would happen, nor
full and far reaching consequences of the impact on all parties.(where
these "parts" be stored and at what cost? Who would administer
them? Would it be a volunteer or would they be paid?Etc.)Did you know
it costs money to go bankrupt? If you're truly broke, you have to take a
mans" bankruptcy by "walking." There are no other options.

  It is unfortunate that things like "warrenties" have to slide, in cases
where a 
manufacturer goes bankrupt. BUT, if they have no funds to continue
how and who ,can honor them?

  The amateur radio market is a small niche market. Without a
growing robust market, there simply isn't enough money made to allow a 
business to grow, become financially strong, and thrive and prosper. It
said that most of us as individuals, live pretty much hand to mouth,
to payday. There is a corolary to that for businesses. Many , if not
probably never get beyond having enough resources to stay open for a
of months, if they suddenly were faced with no additional business. The
crunch between inflow and outflow of cash can become terminal.

  Hams, as a group, are historical tightwads. There isn't the volume of
to be made that leads to financial strength. Equipment needs aren't
growing, generally speaking. Replacement of equipment is the principal
demand. The exception to this is the modest upsurge in demand for new
fueled by the "no coders." They're the ones who have been driving demand
in recent years. All through the 20th Century, ham manufacturers have
come and
gone. Were it not for the hams that created and ran these companies, our
would have been a lot more barren. Even while they profited modestly,
i'll bet
their efforts were a "labor of love" mostly.

  Hams, as a lot ,are thoughtful and ingenious folks. In many cases,
those that have
KLM antennas will be resourceful and make, repair, create, adapt  parts
as needed.
KLM had a good reputation. The ham community should say "thanks KLM, for
all you
did, we'll miss you, 73."

  I didn't have any KLM products but i'll bet i could have found a way to
repair them,if
i did. I'll bet everyone else can too.

  73 Roy WA4DOU
On Sat, 4 Dec 1999 19:52:27 -0500 "DavidC" <> writes:
> My, my.  Sure are some angry people out there this season
> of love.  Sad.
> There are apparently many KLM owners who had no idea they
> were going out of business and destroying their parts stock.
> I was merely responding to the reality that the creditors surely
> leveraged their legal-beagles to get theirs but the Hams who
> invested their hard earned money in KLM gear were ignored
> in the process.  Apparently only banks and other creditors are
> entitled to legal protection?
> If I owned a KLM product still in warranty I'd be furious.  No
> warranty support and no opportunity to buy spare parts before
> they destroyed the stock?  Let's get real here, someone slammed
> the door on the Hams ... most likely it was the lawyers but that
> still doesn't make things right.
> I don't often suggest lawsuits but since everyone but the Hams got
> a say in how the leftovers were distributed the injured parties 
> aren't
> left with many choices are they?  (Someone SOLD the parts stock,
> they didn't give it away.)
> In America, like it or not, the Founding Fathers designed our
> system to include legal recourse when mistreated and all other
> means of restitution have been closed ... please think before
> you attack!
> Sorry for speaking up for my fellow Hams.  Sorry there are
> a few hotheads out there who seem not to care about other
> Hams.  BTW:  I own no KLM products, I merely feel as though
> something definitely went awry in this case where Hams were not
> allowed to purchase parts stock for their orphaned products before
> it was destroyed.  I don't understand why that is so difficult for
> some here to comprehend
> - Nuff said ... 73, DavidC  K1YP
> > K1YP,
> >
> > What the heck is wrong with you (and many others in our society). 
> Why is a
> > LAWSUIT your first line of defense every time you don't feel you 
> are
> fairly
> > treated. Everyone else could see this KLM closing coming when they 
> left
> > California. Get a life.
> >
> > Joe, W1JR
> >
> > >> > Perhaps somebody can convince Mike Stahl or Martin Jue
> > >> >  to buy the remanants of KLM and at least keep the spare
> > >> >  parts alive. Or maybe the rotor doctor?
> > >>
> > >> Too late. Almost everything has been sold for scrap including 
> 3,000
> > >> pounds of aluminum and several pieces of equipment. It's 
> totally
> history.
> > >>
> > >> Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
> > >
> > >Shame on KLM.  Would seem anyone with outstanding
> > >warranties has grounds for a breach of contract lawsuit to
> > >claim some of that money ... since their warranties may now
> > >not be serviced.  The apparent failure of KLM to adequately
> > >notify and reasonably accomodate customers who purchased
> > >products in good faith is disgusting.  Perhaps a class action
> > >lawsuit?
> > >
> > >- IMHO ... YMMV ... etc ... K1YP
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