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Subject: [TowerTalk] Inspecting tower sections
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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 09:30:24 -0500
Thank your Mark!  What a helpful set of lists!

Please note my questions below.  My tower is entirely
used sections and I am traveling to pick up the last two
sections Friday.

- 73, DavidC  K1YP in Hudson, FL

> Take plenty of time to inspect every inch of used tower sections. Tiny
> defects may be hard to spot, but they could still seriously weaken the
> tower's structure and ability to carry stresses. Watch out for:
> 1) Bent or twisted sections (sight along their length).

If the end of a top section is bent a little where many of us have allowed
one leg to stay in the tube below as we tilt the section during removal is
that bend likely to be significant to structural integrity?

What is a best way to straighten a bent leg and maintain structural

Is it wise to spray some cold galvanize on any section that has been bent
and straightened in case there are unseen hairline cracks in the galvanize?

> ...snip

5) Cracks or multiple pinholes in the welds (inspect every weld).

Is a magnifying glass recommended or should these be obvious without

Thanks again! & 73, DavidC  K1YP

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> please offer your additions, comments, and corrections.
> --...MARK_N1LO...--

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