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Subject: [TowerTalk] Leaning Tower
From: (Gilmer, Mike)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 13:43:16 -0500
Also - the wind speed at 40-50 feet up might have been considerably higher
than what you "felt" on the ground.  Besides, I doubt you were outside for
the whole storm - a decent gust may have come along that "tweaked" your
tower.  Be glad it didn't land on you or your house!

73, Mike

In a message dated 99-12-04 01:03:33 EST, writes:

>   Last night we in L.A. had one of our Santa Ana winds. This
>  big blow was clocked (rumour has it) at 76mph. I don't think
>  it was that much because at that speed you can't stand up
>  and I could. Maybe it was 60mph as forecasted. Anyway, this
>  morning I saw that my 55' Tristao Tower with a M2 40mtr
>  dipole and TH7DX, was leaning. On closer inspection, it looks
>  like one of legs at the base is buckled slightly just above the
>  mounting bracket. The braces on each side of this leg are also
>  slightly buckled. The tower, extended 3/4 of the full length is
>  now leaning about 8" out of plumb. This has me puzzled and 
>  dismayed.  76mph and 15sqfeet of antenna are both within
>  specs. If I had suspected otherwise, the tower would have been
>  reeled in. How can one explain this and what can one do to
>  repair this? I'd rather repair than claim insurance and replace.

      Puzzled? First of all, your tower is only rated for 50 MPH - not 76. 
The difference in wind pressure is DRAMATIC - over double.

     Second if that's really a Tristao tower, then it's getting long in the 
tooth. I would estimate that it might be 15-20 years old or more. Plenty of 
time for some deterioration in the materials.

       Yes, file a claim with your insurance company and then have a 
PROFESSIONAL tower crew come in and remove it. DO NOT attempt it yourself. 

      Welcome to crank-up reality. "Well, if I would've known that the winds

were coming in I would've lowered it." You shot yourself in the foot with 
this one. Especially with towers lacking positive pull-down, you're SOL 
trying to get it down in a wind. Good luck with your new tower.

Cheers,   Steve  K7LXC
Tower Tech

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