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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 20:29:28 EST
Hello Jonathan: 

I put up a Tristao 54' crank up recently. I bought it used from original 
owner who bought in, like, 1967.  I noticed that it has a bit of a lean to 
the top section. Not the 8" you now have, but  still something I would rather 
not have. It seems to go up and down fine.

Looking at the bottom of the top section, I can see that there are two (?) 
rivets thru each one of the legs.  On one of the legs the places where the 
rivets go through the leg are semi-ripped-out and elongated.  This allows 
that leg to be pulled up more on that side than the other two legs. Thus, the 
leaning of the top section.  

My guess is that the previous owner had cranked this tower up very tightly 
with all the mechanical advantage the winch provides.  Then, maybe there was 
some wind involved too. 

Anyway, I suspect your Tristao might have a more extreme case of the rivet 
hole elongation problem that I have.

My plan is to bring it down, pull the rivets out of that leg, get it lined up 
properly and put new holes and rivets in.  Then my leaning Tristao tower 
should be back up straight. 

As a footnote to the Tristao story and to the current Tower Talk thread about 
Rohn quality control:  when I was in high school (circa 1963 in San Mateo) I 
bought Tristao tower sections from Amrad Supply (Burlingame) later known as 
Ham Radio Outlet. When erecting the tower  I experienced a problem with the 
bolt holes not lining up.  I notified the supplier (Amrad) and within a few 
days Lou Tristao (owner) himself showed up at my parents' house with an 
electric drill in his hand.  He personally crawled around and happily took 
care of the problem.  And I was just some kid.  That was real customer 

Cheers.....Alan K0AV  (Colorado Springs)


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