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Fw: [TowerTalk] DMSO in WD-40 (NOT)

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Subject: Fw: [TowerTalk] DMSO in WD-40 (NOT)
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 10:14:13 -0500
On 12/8/99 23:04, Robert Harris at wrote:

>I suggest you read Jim Weierich's E-Mail to this group.   I was only quoting
>my experiences with WD-40.  It has proven to be a great product and I would
>not want to go without it.

I agree that WD-40 is a great product. I have a couple of can's in my 
workshop. I use it to unlock corroded hardware. I also use it to prevent 
galling when tightening/loosening stainless hardware if anti-sieze wasn't 
used. (BTW, it works great) I use it to CLEAN switch and connector 

But WD-40 is a lousy lubricant for the long term because its too 

>Jim's E-Mail quotes WD-40 factory claims which I
>have no reason to dispute, since I have used it extensively on Aircraft as
>well as other applications which a propensity to corrode.

Several aircraft mechanics that I know won't let WD-40 NEAR any aircraft. 
I surely hope you do NOT use WD-40 to "lubricate" any of your aircraft's 
moving surfaces. It is also NOT recommended for long-term corrosion 
protection. (Indeed, it can CAUSE corrosion by removing existing 
corrosion protection)

>There may be better lubricants, and corrosion inhibitors,  but it
>does do a good job.

For lubrication, LPS 1 and 2 are superior. For corrosion inhibitors, LPS 
3 and ACS-50 are far superior.

Bottom line: WD-40 is great for certain uses. It frees stuck hardware, 
prevents galling, displaces water, dissolves gunk. Unfortunately, all of 
these effects are short-lived. If you need something lubricated for more 
than a day, use something else. If you need corrosion inhibition, use 
something else.

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