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Subject: [TowerTalk] DMSO
From: (Michael Bruss)
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 08:23:31 -0800 (PST)

Doubt that WD-40 has much, if any, DMSO in it.  DMSO has a characteristic
odor which I don't smell in WD-40.  Actually, the DMSO has less odor than
some of the spontaneous oxidation products that form from it, so the
characteristic odor of DMSO is real due to a mix of compounds.  Freshly
distilled DMSO is a lot less stinky (but not odorless) than DMSO that has
been sitting around for a while.  Which brings me to another point:  DMSO
is volatile and will evaporate eventually (but slower than water).
Characterizing DMSO as a natural compound is a little dubious.  True, it
is produced in very small quantities in the metabolism of some sulfur
compounds, but the concentrated stuff used as a horse drug or industrially
is about as natural as a radio tower.

DMSO has had FDA approval for one human medical use: a dilute solution
used for bladder infections.  Not sure if the approved product is still on
the market, but it was too dilute to be used for muscle or joint problems.  
A more concentrated FDA-approved product is on the market for
topical use in horses.  I strongly suggest that you do not use it on
yourself.  The safety of DMSO in humans is still debated.  At high doses
it has produced eye damage in rats.  There are plenty of other ways to
treat your muscle and joint pains without using DMSO.

Mike, KF6IMS

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