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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 08:34:00 -0600
Did you have a set of guys at the TOP of the mast?
If not, how much mast was above the last support?
If so, were the angles equal to or less than 120 degrees
between any two guys?  Were the guys made of NON-stretch
material? This sounds suspicious.

de  Tom  N4KG

On Thu, 09 Dec 1999 17:59:48 -0600 (Ted & Joyce Wilhelm)
> Check out Lowes< Home depot or any other hardware store in your area
> and they should have what you are looking for in a good sturty 
> push-up
> mast....I would avoid Radio Schacks....Although most of their 
> products
> are decent their push-up leaves a lot to be desired......Put one up 
> at
> my XYL's school for her radio club and 2 days later it was laying
> buckled over on the roof....Didn't have much wind load on it a small 
> 6
> meter beam and a dual band vertical.....Yes it was properly 
> installed
> ...Set in the ground about 2 foot down double attached too the 
> building
> with the highest point about 12 feet up and guyed at 2 different
> levels....Luckily I do a lot of bussiness with them and they gave me
> credit for it....Also lucky it didn't tear up the new antennas to 
> bad..
> Ted  K9HUH
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