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From: (Mike Nash, ND6A)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:50:19 -0800
On 11/30/99 I posted the following on Towertalk:
No proof yet to the rumor, but I believe US Tower is slowly trying to get
out of Amateur products...They are making a killing in the commercial World
and are struggling to keep up with the workload there. 
<end of snip>

    On 12/7/99 I was payed the honor of a visit by Mr. Bruce Kopitar,
WB6UST, the president of US Tower Corp. He revealed to me that in no way,
shape, or form was US Tower Corporation trying to get out of the Amateur
products. He told me that on the contrary, they were very busy with amateur
orders, and very pleased to be so. Amateur radio is his hobby and love and
had no plans to ever turn his back on it. 
   So apparently the first six words of my above statement summed up the
whole thing. There truely was no fact to the rumor. It was indeed just a
rumor, that I should have gotten a few more facts about before I repeated.
I meant NO harm by this, and hope that others will see it that way and
learn a lesson from my mistake and think about what you are typing before
you click 'send'. 
   I want to apologize to anyone in the Ham community that may have took my
statements as fact and worried about any orders that they placed or are
contemplating placing with US Tower Corporation. Above all I want to issue
a public apology to Mr. Bruce Kopitar and the entire US Tower Corporation
for my obviously misinformed statement.

Michael D Nash...ND6A

If a tower falls in the woods and no-one is around to see or hear it does
the cash register still go "cha-ching"?

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