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[TowerTalk] US Tower Winter Winch Oil

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower Winter Winch Oil
From: (Dick Flanagan)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:27:01 -0800
Well, I received the write-up from US Tower regarding the use of
synthetic oils in their motorized winch gear boxes (thanks, Shana).  It
is a specification sheet from Hub City, apparently the manufacture of
the gear box.

The sheet lists three recommended lubricants available from the
manufacturer.  The first two are non-synthetics:

1.  Ambient Temp: 15 to 60 deg F
2.  Ambient Temp: 30 to 125 deg F

"...heavy duty industrial gear lubricants containing sulfur phosphorous
antiwear additives. [Substitutes] must be compatible with bronze gear
materials and nitrile rubber seals."

The third lubricant is an "all temperature" synthetic:

"...recommended [for] low start up temperature and/or high operating
temperatures.  This lubricant can be operated at temperatures
considerably above 225 deg F."  But no mention is made of a low temp
limit or range.

So here's my question.  I love in a small town within driving distance
of a medium city.  A typical cold winter morning here will drop to +10
deg F.  Several years ago it dropped to 20 below, but zero is a more
normal lower limit.

Without special ordering something, what kind of oil should I look for?
A standard synthetic automobile motor oil?  A non-automotive gear oil?
I don't want to make a winter project out of finding this stuff, but I
would like to find something suitable for this particular application.

Thanks to all you engineers out there.  :)

73, Dick

Dick Flanagan W6OLD CFII Minden, Nevada DM09db (South of Reno)

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