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Subject: [TowerTalk] Interconnections
From: DavidC" < (DavidC)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 22:43:12 -0500
> You should connect the power ground to the tower ground via
> the single point ground system established where the cables come
> into the building.

How about if one of my coax runs is 7/8 CATV line?  Surely there
is enough mass in that aluminum shell, along with three regular coax
runs, the rotor power and data lines to be the equivalent of one 0/0
or 0/2 ground wire?

Tower base to shack entry point is about 65 feet line of site, 70-75
feet with a sweeping turn (I could eliminate the turn if that is important,
or I could ground the shell at the extreme moment of the turn.  In either
case everything will be grounded to the extended service ground prior
to entering the shack.

> Anyway, I am in the process of moving to the Philadelphia, Pa area, so
soon I
> will have little time to really get involved in these discussions and for
a while I
> will be QRT.  Once I am established there, I will once again provide my
> of view (opinion) for folks to agree or disagree with.
> 73  Bob AA0CY  Kent, Wash (near Seattle)

Thanks Bob for your perspective!  Have a safe move and a wonderful holy-day
season!  73, DavidC  K1YP

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