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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn Quality
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 16:42:43 -0600

> A GOOD installer makes SURE that ALL is in order before the job is
> STARTED!......

How long have you been inspecting each tower section you put up
to be within 1/64 of an inch on all measurements? I'll bet you didn't
start this scrutiny until the whistle was blown on Rohn.

> I speak from experience!  When you are paying a 2 to 5 man crew 20+ bucks
> and hour each, the mistakes that are made are very costly.

I darn sure do not want to pay a crew to stand out there with micrometers
checking 19 sections of Rohn 25 before they hit a lick!

> Myself and a crew installed MANY cellular and communications towers in
> REMOTE locations.

How many  Rohn 25/45 jobs have you done since their move to IN?

> There is NO ROOM (in the bid, or in change orders) for mistakes....

Tell that to Rohn QC dept....not me.

> Just my opinion.....
> 73 and Merry CHRISTmas to all!
> Jim W7RY

There is NO ROOM in the Rohn QC dept. for allowing  this kind
of junk to reach the streets. Are you trying to let Rohn off the hook
for some reason? You would not have found that the holes were
miss-drilled until you stacked some sections and tensioned the guys,
unless you are eagle-eyed enough to spot a 1/64-1/32 inch error in
the holes. We had not heard about the Rohn move to IN at the time
the tower was erected. It is easy for someone to come along after
the fact and criticize the installer when we were not aware of any
problems.  I have relyed on Rohn for 40+ years and
trusted them with my life on many occasions. Now you can't even
trust their QC department to spot flagrant errors, or the management
to make good on their warranty.

The installer should not have to worry about the tower specs. I guess
they will all have to carry jigs on their trucks in the future to check
Rohn's work.

Phil, K5PC

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