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[TowerTalk] Looking for a Mor-gain

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Looking for a Mor-gain
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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 23:19:19 -0500
I finally put up a Mor-gain 75/40HD that I bought over one year ago.  I plan
to put it up K8UR style
in a big tree in the front yard.  Just to test it out I put it up as a
sloping dipole for the top of the tower to a tree in my front yard
so its only 15 feet above the roof and gutter on the way down.   SWR is low
at 3810 and 7225.  Sigs from the NE are louder on the Mor-gain than the half
square and inverted V.   On 40 its within 3 DB of the beam.   Next stop is
to get it up in the tree K8UR style.  The K8UR operates as a half way
vertical with slight peak toward the front and slight drop off on signal to
the back. (its a vertical and no gain is possible..only low angles for DX).
For those who don't know the Mor-Gain in only 66' long but I remember K5YY
using the antenna on his Dxpeditions to the Indian Ocean. They worked great
and he had a nice signal on 80 and 40.

I am looking for another Mor-Gain.  Prefer the 75/40HD or 80/40HD but will
accept the 80 to 10 models.  If you have one gathering dust
I will take it!

Dave K4JRB

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