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[TowerTalk] The ultimate one tower system?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The ultimate one tower system?
From: (Michael Dinkelman)
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 05:27:49 -0800
This is for fun and DOESN'T involve DMSO.

As I evaluate my new tower and the performance of the lowly
borrowed antenna on top, my thoughts turn towards next summer.
We will cap off the tower with another 30' (all ready to go)
to make it a even 100' plus 15-20 foot of carbon steel
mast out the top. At that point, I need to populate this puppy
with potent aluminum.

Using the cumulative brain power of this reflector, what would 
be your ultimate system for a single tower? 
I want this to be as contest competitive as a single tower
can be. Stacks? Tribanders? Monobanders? Sidemounts?
At what levels? (While I love Quads, I don't think I 
want to try that on a guyed tower but if you're passionate
enough - you can try and convince me anyway.) Right now, 
the skies the limit... at least until I open my wallet. 
(but then I can dream can't I?)

dink, n7wa

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