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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 14:01:46 EST
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> Hello everyone.....I have a 48ft heavy duty delhi tower (rated for 9 sq ft) 
> with a
>  20ft mast (10ft sticking up out of the tower) , tailtwister, 2 bearings 
> a TH7
>  tribander at about 55ft... i am just wondering if I were to add guy wires 
> the  
>  tower (its a self support), can I add more loading to it?? ie. 2 el 40
>  I dont know how conservative the rating of the tower is.....I wish to 
> improve
>  my antenna situation on 40m (presently an inv-v which doesnt work too well)

       The Delhi tower is what is the Rohn BX series down here in the States. 
On the plus side, Delhi does provide the big straight sections (BX8, BX7, 
etc.) that Rohn does not so you can wind up with a medium-duty tower.

     On the negative side, it's still BX-type and has the same inherent 

      I know for a fact that many VE hams have VERY aggressive loads on 
bigger Delhi towers and that sometimes they are guyed. Are either of these 
practices sanctioned by the manufacturer? Probably not. Are they nonetheless 
reliable? They seem to be. 

      You didn't say which Delhi sections you have (or what your local 
windspeed conditions are) but if they are the smaller ones, I'd be real 
hesitant about doing it. OTOH, a single element Force 12 40M dipole might not 
severely upset the applecart. Would I personally do it? Probably, knowing 
that sometime in the future it was going to fail (harmlessly) on my property. 

       If you want to improve your 40M performance, using the K3LR/N7ML 
switching, bottom-pulled back sloping dipole system seems to work very well 
and will fit on your tower. 

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
Tower Tech

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