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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Widen the Scope - Optimum Tower
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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 20:09:07 -0600
Tower 1 - 160 ft Rohn 45 guyed every 40 ft.

2L40 / 2L80 at 160 ft  (or 80M rotary dipole in middle of 2L40)
                        (or pair of 80M inverted vees at 150 ft)
Tribander at 120 ft
2L40 at 80 ft
Tribander at 40 ft.

Tower 2 - 100 ft R45 guyed at 30 / 60 / 100 ft.

Tribander (or big 10M Yagi)  at 115 ft (point 10M 180 deg from 3L40)
3L40 at 100 ft
Tribander at 60 ft    (or 10M)
Tribander at 30+ ft   (or 10M)

Add 90 ft 20M tower with monobanders at 90 / 40 ft  upper / lower / both
          consider third 20M beam at 60 ft fixed somewhere useful

Add 70 ft 15M tower with monobanders at 70 / 40 ft upper / lower / both
        consider third 15M beam at 55 ft fixed somewhere useful

Add rotors to lower antennas until money runs out.
Fixed lower antennas and separate 40 ft tower with 
rotating tribander may be more cost effective.

Be sure to adjust antenna size to be within ratings of the tower!
(Or adjust (increase) tower size to accomodate the antennas you want :-)

de  Tom  N4KG

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999 05:38:04 -0500 Gerald Smith <>
> Tom,
> Doing more thinking about the Email I sent, I want to widen the 
> scope of
> my question. That is, if you are willing to give me a bit more of 
> your
> "gray matter" time.
> I have 5 acres, flat with no surronding obstacles. I have two towers
> going up, both Rohn 45 at 130 feet. The towers are 390 feet apart.
> The only antenna I have bought is a DX Engineering DX40-3. I found 
> it  new in British Columbia. A guy had bought the antenna 3+ years 
>ago  and  had never put it up (hardware still in bags). It is a full
size 40, 
> 42  foot boom. Longest element is 74 feet.
> I want a single radio contest station.   
        (Single Opr 2 Radio sounds like more fun !   de  N4KG)
> What would you do?
> Gerry, W6TER

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