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[TowerTalk] Excessive Daytime Noise on 26-29 MHz?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Excessive Daytime Noise on 26-29 MHz?
From: DavidC" < (DavidC)
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:52:39 -0500
I need y'all to help to speculate as to what is causing this RF interference
my friend is experiencing ... I am running out of questions and have no
obvious answer ... help?

Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP


>>>> I am taking you up on your invitation to ask questions.
>>>> As I listen on the radio, I am astounded at the loud background noise.
>>>> It requires that I turn my squelch way up otherwise it give me a
>>>> headache; however, if I do that I cannot hear the weaker signals that
>>>> could be missed.
>>> Answering your questions.
>>> *What frequency are you listening to please?
>>> 26 -30 MHZ.  The noise is predominate in the 26-28 MHZ area.
>>> It is a little better in the 28.0000 to 29.6999 MHZ range of
>>> *Are you using an inside or outside antenna?
>>> I have a IMAX 2000 Vertical made by Solarcon that is up about 45 feet to
>>> the tip.  The feed line is RG8X.  I have a MJF901B Antenna tuner in the
>>> system that works great for getting the SWRs down below 1:1.5.
>>> *What sort of radio and antenna are you using?
>>> I am using a Uniden HR2510, headphone, and stock microphone.
> > **Please describe what is close to the antenna that may generate RF
> > **noise, e.g. power lines, motors, a welding shop, an electified fence,
> > **etc.
> > **It is also possible that the power company or cable company line has a
> > **problem and is radiating the noise.
> > **Can you describe the noise in greater detail?
> I do not have any of the aforementioned items around my antenna or
> feedline.
> The sound is like a midrange hissing noise that seems to all but
> at night.
> > ***Can you think of anything that runs continuously only during the day
> > ***inside or nearby your home that may be capable of generating such
> > ***RF noise?
> No I cannot, but I am told that all this sunspot activity that makes 10
> meter so good right now makes the CB channels very noisy in the day time.
> Have you heard anything like that before?
> > *** Where are you located, please?  State, city, type of neighborhood?
> > *** Rural, suburban, agricultural, mixed residential/business, etc.
> I am in Brunswick, Georgia which is on the coast equidistant between
> Savannah, GA to the north and Jacksonville, FL to the south.  We are in a
> subdivision in the county north of the city of Brunswick and surrounded by
> numerous pine trees that are higher than my antenna.  I have actually
> about putting another 10 foot section of pole in my antenna setup which
> put the tip of the vertical antenna up to 54 feet.

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