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[TowerTalk] Multiple guy anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Multiple guy anchors
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 10:15:18 -0600

I always heard that if the guys are properly tensioned to specs and a single
guy wire fails that the tower will probably come down. It seems to me that the
additional screw anchors would add strength to the system because of the
additional angle of the new guys going to them, especially if the old ones are
 spaced less than 80% of the tower height away from the tower.  Just a
layman's observation...FWIW!

Phil, K5PC

> I've been thinking that as long as I'm replacing my top guys anyway (on 100
> ft. of Rohn 25), it might be a good idea to get some good-sized AB Chance
> screw anchors and make up a second set of anchor points a few feet further
> out than my original ones (which now handle all 3 guy sets).  Seems to me
> that this would flatten the angle of the top guys slightly, making for
> easier stack turning, but more important, would eliminate a potential
> single point of failure.  I have visions of a guy anchor rod corroding
> through or something similar, leading to the entire thing going down like a
> tree -- a scenario that separate anchors could avoid.
> What do people think -- is it worth doing?
> 73,  Pete N4ZR
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