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[TowerTalk] phase on klm baluns

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Subject: [TowerTalk] phase on klm baluns
From: (Kathy London)
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 10:23:50 -0700
I have a pair of KT34XA's stacked on one of my towers.  I have found that
the only sure-fire way to make sure that the phase is the same on the 2
baluns is to measure it.  Here's how I did it ...

- Run a little RF (< 1 watt) into both baluns simultaneously, using a
- Attach the balun leads in series.
- Using an RF voltmeter or oscilloscope, measure the output voltage.
- Flip the leads on one of the baluns around
- Re-measure the output voltage.

You will see a large difference in the output voltage - indicating in one
configuration you had the baluns in-phase, and the other configuration
out-of-phase.  Now put a mark on each balun indicating the phasing.

Steve, N2IC/0

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From: Mark Sihlanick <>
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Date: Thursday, December 23, 1999 7:26 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] phase on klm baluns

>I'm working to put a kt34a up, but maybe sometime in future I'll add a
>second for a stack. Are the klm baluns built the same over the years so
>that I can judge the phase on the balun by where the label or some other
>marking is.  Failing that, is there an easy way to tell how the things are
>wired inside?
>Mark n2qt
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