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[TowerTalk] Hardline I.D. and Mfr. or Custom Low Cost Connector Source

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hardline I.D. and Mfr. or Custom Low Cost Connector Source
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Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 18:24:06 EST

Hi Rick,   Is the outer shield, conduit, rippled??  ALso known as corrugated. 
 Probably is if you say you thought it was Heliax.  If it is, it could be RF 
Systems, Cable Wave.  We can get you discounted connectors made by RFS, or 
Heliax.   I.e. if those two mfrs, then we can ONLY give you discounted 
connectors made by them.  If not rippled/corrugated outer, then any smooth 
outer jacket like CATV, etc, we can provide custom made, LOW cost, 
connectors, N or UHF.  either way, our prices will be lower than anywhere 
else that we're aware of.
   If rippled, I can give you a person/address at RFS and request that they 
ID it, if theirs.   Let me know and let me know what type and how many you 
need  (no minimum purchase req'd).  We will  first give you a quote.

If smooth (flat) outer conductor/conduit:  Inform me by email and  send a 2 " 
sample to C. Davis  , 2100 Acker Dr  Albany  GA  31707  (This is one of our 
engineers, not our main office or branches.    Put tape on sample with your 
name/call.  We will also tell you it's impedance.

Example of our pricing on Custom connectors, made utilizing polished brass 
compression fittings, and center pin connections respondent to temp and 
mechanical pressure change:   $ 13.50  -  $ 14.00  UHF or N type male  (if 
female, we can only supply  high quality result by utilizing the male along 
with a barrel joint.  The insertion loss of the barrel is a max. of .2 dB at 
the HIGHEST usable freq. for that type of connector (250 MHz for UHF and  10 
GHz for all cables other than semi -rigid.  Note:  these figures regard our 
connectors and   differ with respect to other mfr. types).

Please note:  Anyone is welcome to send a sample to the noted address for a 
free, ,on-obligation, impedance and quote.  However, please do not send 
samples to test us or if you truly do not need an impedance.  Check with 
others as to our reputation and ability.   We just don't have the time, at 
these low prices, to be "certified" this way, although we would respect any 
TT'r's blessing - HI.  Also, as noted, do not send Heliax type 
(corrugated/ridged) as we have not found an accurate, full proof design, that 
is cost effective.  Thus, we're not going to sell you or a commercial entity 
anything less than a well built connector.   Thanks.  Prices are estimates as 
we will have a small price increase in January on the custom built items.
thank you,  Steve Davis,  K1PEK    DAVIS RF Co.
DAVIS RF Co., commercial wire and cable, custom cable design.  Discounts to 
hams.  Heliax, LMR, RFS, Belden, BURY-FLEX Tm.  Various aerial wiring; wire 
aerial parts; transmission lines, insulators, baluns, RF connectors and 
Dacron rope. .  1-800-328-4773, (For all RF hardline related 
items, please ask for Steve Davis)   Thank you!
"The Triad":  Davis RF Co.; Orion Wire Corp.; and The Wire Man, Inc.:  
Variegated expertise; resources and buying power yielding numerous quality 
products at highly competitive pricing.

message dated 12/23/99 10:48:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Hello all and Happy Holidays...I have recently acquired some 7/8 in
 hardline...I originally thought it was Andrews ldf50a...but a close
 inspection it is does not have a hollow center conductor..rather
 it has a rather large center conductor that is solid...the outside of the
 cable resembles rather closely the Andrews product, but there are no
 markings on the cable...I am anxious to find out its manufacturer and a
 source for connectors...don't care to homebrew any at this stage...any
 answers to this riddle??? thanks de Rick nq4i

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