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[TowerTalk] Installing telephone poles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Installing telephone poles
From: (Eric Scace)
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 18:44:47 +0300
Commercial practice is to bury 1/3rd the length of the pole in the ground.
5 feet doesn't sound right to me, but I am not an engineer.  Call your local
power company -- a quick conversation with one of their engineers will help

-- Eric K3NA

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Hi Kris, de Joe

I dropped a 2x4 into the hole, extending out the top, to serve as a
backstop for the butt of the pole.  Used a snatchblock pulley arrangement
with rope and tractor to raise the pole.
Tether lines are needed to keep the pole from swinging.  Plopped right
down in the hole.
This was a 30 foot pole.  I tamped about a foot of dirt in there, then
plumbed the pole using a 4' level.  Tamped some more dirt, kept checking

Don't know about those wooden wedges and pea gravel.  Never heard of the
telephone company or power company packing with other than dirt.

73, Joe  -  AA4NN

Kris Mraz N5KM <> writes:
> I have two 40 ft. bare telephone poles that will be installed
> to support wire antennas for 80m. Each will be installed 5 ft.
> into the ground. I will use wooden wedges around the hole to
> get the pole vertical then fill the hole around the pole with
> pea gravel. Does anyone have any experience installing
> telephones? Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Any
> helpful suggestions? Thanks.
> Kris N5KM

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