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[TowerTalk] Beverage Questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Beverage Questions
From: (Chuck)
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 18:29:33 -0600
1. I have a NE beverage which is about 14 ft high and fed with about 250
ft of 75 ohm TV hard line.  I don't know how long the beverage is
because it goes through dense woods/underbrush/sticker bushes.  I was
estimating 600-800 ft.  I have used the AEA Analyzer on the beverage and
observed that when it is not terminated there are "dips" to low SWR at
1650 khz and 2330 khz with the lower freq. being a sharper dip to a
lower SWR.  Does this mean I probably have an odd multiple of a 1/4
wavelength at those freqs?

5/4 W @ 1650 = 745 ft
7/4 W @ 2330 = 739 ft

Perhaps I have about 740 feet out?

2.  When terminated with about 800 ohms, the SWR comes down to about 1.8
to 1 in the 160 meter band.  Can I fine tune the resistance of the
termination and get this lower?  Does it matter when it is already below
2 to 1?  

3. Should I adjust the terminating resistance to minimum SWR and then
fool with the transformer if I want it lower?

4. Should I put the AEA Analyzer at the antenna and adjust for lowest
swr then transform whatever the impedance is to 75 ohms?
Has anyone tried to get the SWR down to 1 to 1?  Did it matter?

I have room for a 300 ft SE beverage.  Would one so short work?


Chuck, KZ5MM

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