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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hi-Gain 204CA
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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 11:48:48 EST
I just finished erecting a new 204CAS on my new US Towers HDX555, & the 
antenna is great. The SWR is almost flat within 1:4 to 1.0 all the way across 
the 20 mtr band.  I also had a 204BAS from 20 years ago, which I replaced 
because my old tower fell & ruined the antenna.
I recommend you replace ALL the hardware with Stainless Steel (as the "S" 
designates). You can purchase the packages from HyGain if you can't find the 
hardware in New Zealand. Perhaps there's a dealer in your country or in 
Australia who could furnish the hardware.
Incidentally, the XYL & I spent a glorious time in NZ last February while 
cruising from Auckland all the way down to the Parks area (Milford Sound, 
etc.), stopping at various cities along the way.
If I can make my scanner work, I'll try to copy the pertinent 
data & Email it to you.
Keep in touch.
73,  Joe    WD5FHG
Corpus Christi Texas 78411

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