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[TowerTalk] Guy protection, your thought?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy protection, your thought?
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 21:47:12 -0800

Commercial broadcast installations typically put a chain link fence
with concertina wire around their guy piers in order to deter vandals.
Although this is a pretty good deterrent, it isn't going to stop the 
most determined of techno terrorists.  In fact, I seem to recall the 
case of a big thousand foot commercial tower that was brought down by 
vandals some years ago in Ohio (some people have too much spare time 
on their hands). 

Perhaps some flood lights with motion sensors would be a good choice
for thwarting night raids (I think you can get these pretty cheap 
at Home Depot). For daytime assaults, I would try getting a big Rotweiler. 
And as an all around deterrent, you might try the psychological approach 
- e.g. "Danger High Voltage" or "Danger RF Radiation" signs (one of 
the TV stations here in LA area has these posted around their guy 
piers). Caution: this last suggestion may have the intended consequence
of raising the eyebrows of your more sensible neighbors.  

Anyway, I hope in reality that your concerns aren't justified, and that 
your neighbors aren't yet another example of the "model" citizens (e.g. 
brainless sociopaths) that we see so often on the evening news. Good luck!

Mike, W4EF................

P.S. Some phony CCTV cameras pointed at the guy piers would be a nice 

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Sent:   Thursday, December 30, 1999 1:06 PM
Subject:        [TowerTalk] Guy protection, your thought?

I want to prevent the local disgruntled neighbor, or the teen with 3
beers in his belt, from vandalizing the guy wires of my towers. Here is
my current thought, would look forward to any other ideas.

Put 15 feet of 2 inch ID IMC conduit together and slip it over the 1/4
inch EHS. It will slip over the thimbles and the turnbuckles, as well.
When things are tensioned and secure, using a ladder, secure the top end
of the conduit to the guy.

Gerry, W6TER

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