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[TowerTalk] Guy protection, your thought?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy protection, your thought?
From: (Gerald Smith)
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 07:23:29 -0500

Good thoughts. I have elevate guy posts (5 feet). I will put IR beam
security on the posts (Optex make stuff up to 500 feet, pentetrates
weather and has 4 beams to prevent a bird from setting it off).

I need phoney camera, anyone have an idea of a source?

I will put flood lights on the towers, they will activate with the IR
beam, plus a siren.

I have "Private Property" signs and will do "High Voltage" signs.

73, Gerry

Michael Tope wrote:
> Gerry,
> Commercial broadcast installations typically put a chain link fence
> with concertina wire around their guy piers in order to deter vandals.
> Although this is a pretty good deterrent, it isn't going to stop the
> most determined of techno terrorists.  In fact, I seem to recall the
> case of a big thousand foot commercial tower that was brought down by
> vandals some years ago in Ohio (some people have too much spare time
> on their hands).
> Perhaps some flood lights with motion sensors would be a good choice
> for thwarting night raids (I think you can get these pretty cheap
> at Home Depot). For daytime assaults, I would try getting a big Rotweiler.
> And as an all around deterrent, you might try the psychological approach
> - e.g. "Danger High Voltage" or "Danger RF Radiation" signs (one of
> the TV stations here in LA area has these posted around their guy
> piers). Caution: this last suggestion may have the intended consequence
> of raising the eyebrows of your more sensible neighbors.
> Anyway, I hope in reality that your concerns aren't justified, and that
> your neighbors aren't yet another example of the "model" citizens (e.g.
> brainless sociopaths) that we see so often on the evening news. Good luck!
> Mike, W4EF................
> P.S. Some phony CCTV cameras pointed at the guy piers would be a nice
> touch.
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> Subject:        [TowerTalk] Guy protection, your thought?
> I want to prevent the local disgruntled neighbor, or the teen with 3
> beers in his belt, from vandalizing the guy wires of my towers. Here is
> my current thought, would look forward to any other ideas.
> Put 15 feet of 2 inch ID IMC conduit together and slip it over the 1/4
> inch EHS. It will slip over the thimbles and the turnbuckles, as well.
> When things are tensioned and secure, using a ladder, secure the top end
> of the conduit to the guy.
> Gerry, W6TER
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